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Investment Solutions That Target Fast, Sustainable Growth.

Mayfair Brooks

Mayfair Brooks Wealth Management is a boutique investment firm. We help private investors to grow their wealth and achieve their long-term financial goals. We also help financial institutions, such brokerages and funds, to enhance their services and attract more clients.

Mayfair Brooks Wealth Management



Expert Management

We draw on our extensive knowledge of the financial markets to create profitable investment solutions. We then implement each solution using a combination of AI technology, automation, and active management. This enables us to offer our clients better solutions and higher returns.

Consistent Returns

We specialise in both traditional and alternative investments. Our goal is to help you find the best investment opportunities. As such, we tailor our strategies to best meet your individual needs and investment goals. We also work with you to create well-balanced portfolios and target consistent, sustainable results.

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Individual Investing

Get a fully-managed investment portfolio.

Balanced Portfolios

Invest in forex, ETFs, equities, bonds, commodities, and more.

Consistent Returns

Use our investment products to target high annual returns.

Expert Support

Work with a team that has 50+ years of experience.

AI Technology

Maximize your returns thanks to our advanced AI systems.

Easy Access

Get live access to your portfolio to monitor your investments,

Audited Reports

Receive performance reports, audited by McMillan Woods.

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Institutional Investing

Use our investment solutions to drive revenue growth.

Proven Strategies

Benefit from our extensive experience in creating alpha-generating investment strategies.

Expert Research

Utilise our in-depth knowledge of both traditional and alternative investments. 

AI-Driven Solutions

Deliver even better results by offering effective, AI-driven investment solutions.

Higher Acquisition

Attract more clients by offering a wide range of multi-asset investment strategies.

Better Retention

Retain more clients by offering our managed account services to your self-traders. 

More Revenue

Work with us to generate more leads, increase sales, and boost client satisfaction. 

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